Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday Ten: Continuing the Summer Randomness

1. Update on my wellness workshop at work.  Though I'm not participating in the weigh-ins, I'm fairly sure I haven't lost any weight, based on clothing.  As Shakira sang, "Hips don't lie" and they're telling me I'm the same size.  But wait!  I'm the same size.  Do you realize what a victory it would be for me to not diet for 12 weeks and not gain any weight?

2. Speaking of wellness, the back issue that began to dog me in the spring of 2012 has continued.  I don't talk about it because I don't want to sound like a whiny fool all the time but some days it's quite debilitating.  I finally found a spinal doctor who does non-surgical intervention and I have an appointment for August 27th.  It will mean a 45 minute drive but if I can get some relief from this it will be more than worth it!

3. We had our (sort of) annual get together with our neighbor over the weekend.  She and I coordinated the menu and decided to do something completely different than cooking on the grill.  We ended up by starting with this Blood Orange Martini and Edamame that we dipped in a spicy teriyaki sauce for an appetizer. Then we had the spicy noodles I made and the shrimp and vegetable tempura she made. Not pictured was the homemade strawberry shortcake I made for dessert. The food and the company were wonderful!

4. Speaking of our neighbor, I don't know if you remember when I showed you a photo of the cute little dog she got.  Ruby is all grown up now and still very cute!

5. Last week I started having some aches and pains in my left leg when I ran.  That's a good sign that I need new shoes.  Sure enough when I added up the mileage on my old shoes, I'd put 700+ miles on them.  I stuck with my old faithful, Asics Cumulus, but I decided to buy the new 16 model.  I am in love with them.  They have rounded the toe box a bit and made the heel fit snugger.  I also love the blue and lime green combo that I chose!

6. Mr. Helen and I were talking about what we'd do if we had a landfall of unexpected money.  I thought it was interesting when he said that we'd need to buy a bigger house right away - one that would have a room that could be turned into a gym.  When I asked why, he stated that even though he knows I dislike gyms, if I had the money and a home gym, I'd hire a personal trainer to come work me out at the things I suck at, mainly strength training.  He's right.

7. Speaking of running and exercising, it's already gone back to being more dark than light when I go out in the morning now.  Sometimes the street lights are still on when I get back home. Lots of times I'm seeing moonset and sunrise at the same time. I'm trying not to think about that as it always makes me feel as if summer is ending way too fast.

8.  First tomatoes!  I'll admit, I nearly always plant one of these yellow/orange cherry tomato plants because they mature and ripen first.  Quicker gratification for me!  The Roma Grape tomatoes are starting to turn now too but I think it will be August before I get any beefsteak.

9. My sweet Gracie, enjoying a beach vacation this week.  I just love her zest for life and how she always puts that little extra flair into everything she does!

10. I found the furniture pieces I've been wanting to get for my spare room while out on a walk last Friday.  Every time I've visited a yard sale that said they had bedroom furniture for sale it has either been so outdated or so beat up it wasn't worth even the few dollars they wanted as I'm not like Lori and into refinishing stuff.  I didn't mind a bit of wear but I wanted something that was basically in okay condition.  I negotiated the price with the guy then had to wait 8 hours for Mr. Helen to get home with his pickup truck to go get it - and hope it would still be there.  It was!  I paid a bit more than you would normally at a yard sale but look how good this stuff is - and it was still less than even buying something from Target for example.  Now my spare room actually looks a bit more inviting instead of just a room with a bed.  Anyone want to come visit?