Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Ten

1. Exciting times in the Helen household over the weekend as our little abode became wedding central.  Besides the wedding and reception items being shipped to the house, Little Helen and I went for her dress fitting.  The seamstress nailed the alterations in one try so we ended up picking the dress up and bringing it home.  She also tried on veils but didn't buy one as I think if she goes with a veil she wants it to more closely match her dress, but she did buy these beautiful earrings!

2.  We are in a weather pattern where we have fairly decent weather during the week then either cold and drab or rainy on the weekend.  This is not working out well for me to get to the beach.

3.  I don't often take many breaks at work but my bosses' son was in the office the other day and he asked me to play with him.  He'd gotten a ball toss toy and was dying to try it out.  After all was said and done I thought we could probably use some little kids around here to get all of moving more!

4. Does anyone know where the word "converse" went?  I know I'm going to sound like an old fuddy duddy but it seems that people are now using the word "conversate" and it's driving me nuts! Is that even a real word?

5. Every once in a while I see something shared on Facebook that makes me laugh right out loud.  I sent this one to Mr. Helen via text:
6. My struggle with exercise continues but I guess I should be satisfied with the fact that I am managing 3-4 decent workouts a week.  Honestly that's only 1 or 2 less than I normally do but it feels like a lot.  I just don't seem to have the energy to do more than what I'm doing right now though so I'll be satisfied with what I can get.

7.  While at the Bridal Salon, Little Helen and I both spied these shoes and wanted them.  However, this salon takes some consignment and this was a single pair (not our sizes) that could not be ordered. I took the photo in hopes of finding them online but they are from a shoe company in Pakistan.  I guess it's just not meant to be.  When I showed Mr. Helen he said, "No More Shoes!!!"  Yeah, like that's gonna happen.

8. I'm still feeling cranky about the random 10,000 step thing with the Fitbit and other fitness trackers.  I realize the idea is to get people to move more than they do as movement is better than being a couch potato.  But when I read (usually via FB) that someone is marching up and down in their kitchen so they can get in their steps, I just feel annoyed.  WHY?  First of all that's just a random number and secondly we don't all move the same amount every single day.  I'm cranky I tell ya!

9. I made the final payment on our vacation house in the Outer Banks so it's starting to feel like a vacation will be happening.  I am in dire need of it, I'll tell you that.  I'm pretty much at the point where every single day I think how much I don't want to go to work or do housework or chores or anything except sleep in and lay on a beach.

10.  In the best news we got all week, Mr. Helen is part of that huge data breach that the federal government had.  We will be spending the next couple of days enrolling in the protection offered.  But I think they're being chintzy - offering it for two years.  Plus it's not like the hackers aren't hearing this!!  They need to offer protection for life as far as I'm concerned.