Thursday, October 8, 2015


I've been down for the count for the last week.  I worked last Wednesday at the mall and Friday morning woke up feeling "off."  Couldn't put my finger on anything in particular, just didn't feel right.  Saturday morning I woke up with a burning throat and bad post nasal drip and by Sunday I had a full blown head cold.  Whenever I get a cold I always hope it won't go into my chest as I'm so prone to bronchitis.  Thankfully that hasn't happened yet, but I have had a cough that won't let up and therefore is keeping me up at night.  I've literally been dragging myself through this week.  Probably should have taken some time off from at least one of the jobs but it wasn't in the cards.

Mild daytime temps followed by pretty cool nights have stuck around this week and the foliage is starting to turn.  Not sure we're going to have a typical foliage season but there are some pretty spots.  I have to work a breast cancer fundraiser at the mall on Saturday, but hoping that Mr. Helen and I can get out for a foliage drive and apple cider donut on the 17th.

Forecast for the first frost is up for this weekend, though I would be surprised if it happens at the shoreline. We are always milder than inland.  I still have my summer flowers out on the patio and plan to let the frost kill them.  They're still blooming a bit so I figure I'd get my money's worth!

I got my fall/winter things out and happily, the things I was wearing last year, fit this year.  But I need some new things to fill in my wardrobe, especially for work.  That always fills me with a sense of dread.  I just do not enjoy shopping for clothes in the size I am right now.  I just don't.  So, I've been putting it off but eventually I'm going to have to give up and go buy some black slacks.

Because I've been sick I haven't been eating very much and of course in my mind I wish that would lead to the elusive weight loss I've been looking for.  I doubt it though because I'm pretty sure my metabolism is slowed while my body fights this cold.

I know a lot of folks who read and comment on this blog read many of the same blogs I do, but if by chance you haven't read Debby's Chit Chat and Continuing the Conversation posts, you should do so. Some really interesting thoughts from a smart lady who lost and lot of weight and it trying to maintain that weight loss.

One thing I know for sure is that even excluding thyroid issues, my age and place in life are affecting my food consumption.  In other words, I just can't eat the same portions I used to, as well as not being able to even eat some of the foods I used to.  All of it just affects me differently now.  Don't get me wrong, I'm no angel and sometimes I barrel right on past the "full" cues simply because I like the taste of something or I'm having a food tantrum - "I want it!  I don't care, I'm eating it!"

I don't know why these types of things bother me so much but I feel like I go through this sort of self examination with each change of season.  Maybe that's how it's supposed to be?  In any case, I've been working on keeping my mind and thoughts on higher things in order not to go down the rabbit hole.

Buddha said, "All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  The mind is everything.  What we think, we become."

I think this is where working on having positive instead of negative thoughts comes into play - and that is for everything in our lives.  I read something recently where a person was complaining about a household repair and they said it in front of someone who had come up from literally nothing.  That person was surprised because their thought pattern was, "I get to clean my house! I get to fix my toilet! I get to pay a mortgage!"

Interesting perspective and one I'm working on.  I'm trying to make the thoughts my mind are consumed with mostly positive ones. What are you consumed with these days?